Selling a Home in San Diego

So you’re thinking about selling a home… And the process seems a little overwhelming and you’re not sure where to begin. That’s okay, there’s a lot to consider—and I’m here to help with all your questions.

“Rob, where do I start?”

I’ll outline the home-selling process below, but if you have specific questions about selling a home in the San Diego area and would rather have a conversation with an actual human being (I’m a real person!), you can give me a call at (619) 535-8201 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and I’ll get in touch with you to answer questions and explain the process. (If you’re outside of the San Diego area, I’d be happy to help connect you with a real estate pro in your neck of the woods, too.)

Selling Your Home: An Overview

The home-selling process can be divided into a few major phases that I’ll outline briefly below.

The first step is preparing your home to sell. This can be as simple as de-cluttering or as complicated as renovating your home (and is probably somewhere in between). All the parties on title need to be on board with selling the home. I discuss with my seller clients their goals for the sale process, including where they’re going next and a “Plan B” if their home doesn’t sell for as much as they expect. This is the point in the process where sellers sign a listing agreement with their agent who will then guide them through this and subsequent phases.

The next step is putting your home on the market. This is when the sign goes up, the lockbox gets installed, your property gets put on the MLS and online, and agents begin showing the home to potential buyers. I counsel sellers to be prepared for agents to show their home on short notice (and, ideally, to be willing to leave while showings are taking place). Keeping your home ready to show is essential!

Next in the process comes reviewing offers. Assuming showings have been going well and buyers are interested, your agent may receive one or more offers. Unless we’re inundated with an overwhelming number of offers (it happens!), I generally advise my seller clients to review and thoughtfully respond to each offer that comes in—by accepting, countering, or politely rejecting each offer as is appropriate. It’s normal to

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